College Access Loan

The College Access Loan (CAL) Program provides an alternative type of educational loans to Texas students that attend colleges and universities in Texas. Students do not have to demonstrate financial need to receive these loans.

Who may be eligible for this loan?

Students enrolled at least half time in a Bachelor’s, a Graduate or Professional program of study, and who are:
  • Texas Residents
  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Enrolled at least half time in a degree seeking program
  • Meet SAP

Who can be used as a cosigner?

Cosigners must:
  • Be at least 21 years of age,
  • Have a regular source of income,
  • Not be the borrower or the spouse of the borrower,
  • Receive a favorable credit evaluation, and
  • Be a permanent U.S. resident or a U.S. citizen and reside in the U.S. or in a U.S. territory

How much can I borrow?

Students may borrow up to the amount of their full cost of attendance minus all other financial aid they are eligible for, including amounts not yet accepted.(No less than $100.00)

Is the FAFSA required?

Yes, the student must submit the FAFSA in order to receive these loans.

Is a credit check required?

Yes, before the loan is approved,THECB checks the applicant and cosigner credit information. Applicants with adverse credit scores may not be approved. A cosigner is not required but is strongly encouraged.

Current Interest Rate

Fixed 5.25% annual rate (Interest is not capitalized).

Current Origination Fee

  • 3.0% if both applicant and cosigner have good credit standing
  • 5.0% if either applicant or cosigner, but not both have good credit standing

Repayment Information

Repayment typically begins 6 months after the student is no longer enrolled at least half-time.

How do I apply?

Students may apply online. The application process includes:
  • A Solicitation Disclosure (must be signed)
  • Student’s Self-Certification form (must be completed and signed electronically or mailed to HHLoans).
  • Loan Approval Disclosure Statement to be signed and returned after loan is approved.

Additional Information

If the College Access Loan is declined based on the credit inquiry, the borrower may update their application to include a credit worthy cosigner, or change cosigners. The cosigner will need to provide information on the loan application to authorize the credit inquiry.

Contact Information

For more information on the CAL, please visit, or contact them at 800-242-3062.