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Verification is the process required by the Department of Education to verify the accuracy of the information submitted by or on behalf of a student for the purpose of applying for financial aid. The purpose is to reduce errors in applicant reported data and to insure, to the maximum extent possible, that eligible applicants receive the financial aid for which they are eliible.

The process of verification is separate from the requirement to resolve conflicting information. Discrepancies in a student’s aid application must be resolved before aid can be disbursed, regardless of existing verification policies.

The process of verification is also separate from the requirement to “document” certain application items. Unconfirmed selective service registration, unconfirmed eligible non-citizen status, and Veteran’s Educational Benefits may be “documented” regardless of any existing verification policies.

Refer any instance of suspected fraud or criminal conduct by an applicant to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Education or to the state or local authorities.

Assistant Inspector General for Investigations:

U. S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
MES, Room 4122
Washington, D.C. 20202-1510
Phone: 202-205-8762
Fax: 202-205-9449

Verification Forms:

Tracking Flag Tracking Group Description
V1 Standard Verification
IRS Tax Transcripts Required
Students in this group must verify the following:
  • If they are tax filers: AGI, Income Taxes Paid, Untaxed Portions of IRA Distributions, Untaxed Portions of Pensions, IRA Deductions and Payments, Tax-exempt Interest Income, Education Credits, Household Size, # in College, SNAP Benefits, and Child Support Paid.
  • If they are non- tax filers: Income Earned From Work (must attach all W2s for 2012), Household Size, # in College, SNAP Benefits, and Child Support Paid.
V2 SNAP Verification Students in this group must verify the receipt of SNAP benefits only. Not valid for 2014-2015
V3 Child Support Paid Verification Students in this group must verify child support paid by them or their spouse, their parents, or both only.
V4 Custom Verification Students must verify high school completion status and identity/statement of educational purpose in addition to receipt of SNAP benefits and payment of child support.
V5 Aggregate Verification
IRS Tax Transcripts Required
Students must verify high school completion status and identity/statement of educational purpose in addition to the items in the Standard Verification Group.
V6 Household Resources  Tax Filers:

  • Adjusted Gross Income
  • U.S. Income Tax Paid
  • Untaxed Portions of IRA Distributions
  • Untaxed Portions of Pensions
  • IRA Deductions and Payments
  • Tax Exempt Interest Income
  • Other Untaxed Income on the 2014-2015 FAFSA- Payments to tax-deferred pension and savings(Questions 45a & 94a)


  • V1 and V5 are the only groups that require IRS Tax Return Transcripts
  • The Identity/Statement of Education must be signed IN PERSON in front of an Institution Officials:

Delays in submitting this completed worksheet, utilizing IRS Data Retrieval and providing IRS Tax Transcripts, Federal income tax forms and/or other requested documents will delay the processing of your aid application and may affect the availability of certain types of aid programs.

Verification Forms

IRS Data Retrieval Process

Additional information about IRS Data Retrieval Process:

FAFSA applicants are strongly encouraged to use the IRS Data Retrieval Process to help simplify the verification process.
  • Applicants selected for verification who use the IRS Data Retrieval Process will have verified the FAFSA IRS information. NO ADDITIONAL Documentation is required if the amounts are unchanged.
Click here for information on How the IRS Data Retrieval Tool Works: IRS Data Retrieval Tool Information
The IRS Data Retrieval Process can be used by dependent and independent students and the parents of dependent students who meet the following criteria:
  • Must have a valid SSN
  • Must have filed a 2013 IRS tax return, and
  • Must have an unchanged marital status since December 31, 2013

Any student initiated corrections after the original ISIR is received (even if selected for verification), will have to be self-identified by the student.  *Student initiated corrections are not automatically loaded by the school.

IRS Transcript Required

Additional information about IRS Transcript Required:

Under certain conditions, an applicant selected for verification will need to submit to the school an IRS Tax Return Transcript of 2013 tax year information for the applicant, his or her spouse, and his or her parents, as applicable.
IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Process. Please Chick here PDF

Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

Additional information about Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel:

Veterans and active duty military personnel are considered automatically independent for federal need analysis purposes.
  • The definition of veteran for Federal student aid purposes is any individual who has engaged in the active duty in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard for purposes other than training; and was released under a condition other than dishonorable.
  • Active duty military personnel are those individuals currently in the military (excluding training).
  • Members of the National Guard or Reserves are only considered veterans if they were called up to active federal duty by presidential order for a purpose other than training.
  • Students serving in ROTC or currently attending a U.S. military academy are not veterans. Students who attended a U.S. service academy or preparatory school for at least one day and were released under conditions other than “dishonorable” count as veterans for Title IV purposes.
  • Veteran/Active Duty Confirmation Form. Please Click here PDF

Verification Resources

Verification Resources PDF: