Important Announcements!

To meet deadlines, applications must be complete, which means all required material has been received. Please ensure you submit your application on time.

Important Announcements Fall 2013

Beginning Fall 2014 the Texas State Aid priority deadline is March 15th.

This deadline date is applicable to the TEXAS Grant and Texas Top 10% Scholarship programs. For additional information see College for All Texans.

To meet a priority deadline, you must:

  • Have been admitted to or be currently enrolled in a degree seeking program at the University.
  • Have submitted a valid FAFSA to the US Department of Education, with the results of the FAFSA received by Texas Tech University or have submitted a TASFA Application for students not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Supply additional documentation required, if any, for the completion of your application. You should log in to Raiderlink, to check for any outstanding financial aid documents. If you are a new Texas Tech University student you will be sent an email via your TTU email account notifying you of any missing financial aid documents.

You should submit your FAFSA or TASFA at least 2-weeks before the applicable priority deadlines to allow processing time of missing document notices. You should also check your Missing Information List through Raiderlink for any outstanding documents.

Students who do not meet the priority deadlines indicated above will only be considered for the Federal Pell Grant, the Federal Direct Loan and for dependent students, the Federal Direct PLUS Loan.

You may still complete a FAFSA or TASFA to be considered for other financial aid programs if you do not meet the priority deadline. However, FAFSA and TASFA applications must be submitted at least three weeks before the end of the term in which you are enrolled to allow time for processing.

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Additional Student Announcements

Important Announcements About Freshmen Students

Texas Tech University will start sending 2014-2015 award notification to entering freshman starting the week of Spring Break. We will mail, via US Postal Service the first paper award letter and subsequent notice will be send via the student TTU email account.

Important Announcements About FAFSA

    • FAFSA completed (Fall & Spring) March 15*
    • FAFSA and verification documents (if needed) submitted for RRG consideration March 15
* This is the priority date. FAFSAs received after this date will be processes and awarded based on the availability of funds, but for maximum aid eligibility students should apply by the priority date.

New Lifetime Limit on Pell Grant. 2014-2015

Click here for Pell Grant Information

Pell Grant disbursement is based on the number of undergraduate credits the student is enrolled in at the end of the census. If you are enrolled less than full time, the actual disbursed amount will be a prorated portion of the accepted amount. Courses added after the census date will not be eligible for Pell Grant funding. Pell Grant funds will not be disbursed for Graduate level courses.

Important Announcements about Transfer Student

    • Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note completed
         August 1**
    • Transfer Student scholarship application (Spring only) November 15
    • 2014 Spring Transfer Students please complete the Transfer Student Financial Aid Confirmation 2014 Spring
**Completing these requirements by August 1 ensures that loans will disburse on the standard disbursement date for the fall term. Students may complete these requirements at any time

Important Announcement regarding Permanent Disability Discharge and Veterans Disability Discharge

If you have a question about Title IV federal student aid or one of the services the Department of Education provides, then contact one of the Customer Service Centers or Federal Student Aid Offices. If you are not sure which Service Center to call, contact the Research and Customer Care Center at 1-800-433-7327 or email at

Click here for more information.

Financial Basics

    • Use this CASH COURSE resource for financial education for students, faculty, and staff. It’s online, it’s free, and it’s noncommercial.
    • You can also contact RED to BLACK for FREE Financial Coaching.